Server is UP

How to connect

It is very simple. What do you have to do? Just follow the steps below and you'll be able to enjoy a unique experience in our server!
If you're having any problem, please contact us by Skype or

1. Create a Master Account here
2. Download and Install Game (If you have HF Client DON'T NEED THIS)
If you still don't have the game installed in your computer, you can download and install the Lineage II High Five client by pressing the button below:

3. Download Our Files
Now that you have the client, you have to download our server's patch too.
Download it by pressing the button below:
How to install it? It's very simple. Follow these steps:
a. Download
b. Save in your Desktop
c. Unzip the
d. Copy the system folder you just unzipped
e. Now paste the system folder in your Lineage II Directory
e. Do the same with the files, that are located inside other folders

Default location of the Game: C:/Program Files/Lineage II

3. Go in your System folder & run "l2.exe"