Grand Opening In 15/12/2017 at 18:00

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Start server16/11/17

On December 15 this year the start our servers will take place. We wait for everyone to play on the high-quality server!!!!
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We are truly sorry for the long waiting. 

The SmartGuard is updated and the server is back online. Hopefully with your excuses and just in time for the important server events on the server.


The server is up and we have direct contact with the SmartGuart Team

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Security Guard Issue06.01.2018

Dear players,
Our server is running perfectly fine but since this morning there has been an update to the SecurityGuard.
We are not the only server with this problem. Dozens other servers who are assigned to SGuard are waiting for the administrators to give us the files necessary for restart.
It is not our problem, we are not DDoSed, we did all we could do. All we can do is to wait for SGuard admins for an answer.
We are sorry, it is not our plan to stay down. The server will be back online as soon as we have the files.